BASE 4000

Apr 13, 2017

Peter Veileborg, Teacher

Tell us about BASE 4000

The school offers young people under 25 who have not completed upper secondary education and who do not have the qualifications to engage in such education, or have stopped a secondary education, an opportunity to complete their qualifications. The school emphasises practical work combined with school subjects as needed.

What were the challenges you were trying to solve?
We were looking for a state-of-the-art remote control software solution that could help with two challenges: For students looking to enter into a career in IT we felt it would be very useful for them to learn how organisations use a product like NetSupport Manager to remotely support PCs and their users. Secondly, it would give and my team the tools needed to support our own systems and servers more efficiently.

Why did you choose NetSupport Manager?
Performance is excellent, we don’t notice any lag at all. The software’s file transfer and inventory features are particularly useful remote management tools. The ability to remote-in to our servers at any time was another key factor in our decision and with NetSupport’s Gateway component, included free of charge, this enables us to do this securely from any off site location.

How is the software currently being used in your organisation?
The ‘Client’ software is easily deployed to the required remote systems. Making a connection from the NetSupport Manager ‘Remote Control’ programme is fast and secure across our local network.

How/where has NetSupport added value?
Overall, NetSupport Manager has proved a great addition to our IT support tools and is helping our students understand the type of software that a typical IT technician would use. The service from the NetSupport team has also been superb.