Whether you’re still teaching remotely or preparing to return to school, NetSupport’s award-winning solutions have you covered – from supporting social distancing and mixed learning environments, to school communication and more!

With NetSupport School, a wealth of monitoring, control, collaboration and assessment features enable teachers to deliver engaging and meaningful learning experiences. Available across multiple platforms through either a LAN or WAN connection, it can effectively be integrated into a school’s existing systems.

To support the challenge of remote and blended learning schools are facing, NetSupport’s newest product, classroom.cloud, offers teachers and learners a platform to move between in-class and remote schooling. Super easy to set up and use, classroom.cloud is a fresh and innovative cloud-based teaching platform that provides the essential tools for teachers to lead their online classes.

To better track, manage and optimise school technology, look no further than NetSupport DNA. Already helping thousands of schools to maximise efficiency, reduce costs, boost productivity and improve security, it is the ideal solution to support schools in preparing their digital strategy for what is considered the ‘new normal’.

Supporting staff remotely is more important now than ever, and NetSupport Manager conveniently allows the remote access of work PCs from home. Built with simplicity and security in mind, it also gives school IT teams the tools they need to respond to IT issues remotely and ensure minimum downtime. Best of all, it only takes five minutes to set up!

Timely communication is vital in the current circumstances and NetSupport’s mass notification solution, NetSupport Notify, helps ensure all staff – whether in school or working remotely – are informed simultaneously and without delay. Alerts are unable to be ignored and take centre stage on a recipient’s screen.

With ReallySchool, primary school teachers can complete observations and assessments quickly and effectively, all from a platform designed to operate like social media applications. While being low-cost and easy to use, it also helps to boost parental engagement and support the continuation of learning at home. Teachers can send home learning activities to parents, attaching any images, videos or audio clips as reference and support. In turn, parents can send images of their child completing the activity back to their teacher.

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