The phrase ‘hot desking’ fills many employees with dread. You know what it’s like: the chair is squeaky, the PC screen is smudged, the mouse feels weird – and what is that sticky stuff on the keyboard? Most people prefer to work at a dedicated workstation where they are used to the equipment and everything is on hand, whether that’s a notebook (or snacks!) in the drawer, pens on your left, desk phone on your right – and the general cleanliness is under their control.

Customizing your on-screen set-up is just as important as your physical environment, in terms of working effectively. For example, if you’re working with a standard solution set-up and need to click through multiple screens and menus to get to where you need to be, that gets tiresome really quickly – especially if you’re working with it all day, every day.

We took this into account when we developed NetSupport ServiceDesk, our browser-based helpdesk solution for businesses. We wanted to cut through the layer of distraction that comes from battling against frustrations like this before technicians can get to where they need to be to do their work – and the ability to customize and automate is the key!

Bespoke set-up

As every organization is unique, you can customize many of NetSupport ServiceDesk’s key features to fit what you need. From operator functionality to the creation of specific data entry fields, you can tailor it to work for you – or you can use it straight out of the box!

Each operator can even have a personalized “Home” page summary that shows them the issues and priorities that are assigned to them.

Customize and automate

There are many other customizations and automations your business can set to make NetSupport ServiceDesk your own. Here are just some of the options:

  • Custom Data Designer: you can create customized data fields to store information about each item, such as its status, priority, due date etc. You can also add additional fields, sections and new tabs to an Incident, Problem, Change Request, company, department and user that can then be completed either by the end-user or the ServiceDesk Operator.
  • Profiled Operator access and customized functionality.
  • Custom Report Designer.
  • Personalized “Home” page based on each operator’s requirements. You can change this to a selection of pre-defined pages or create a customized layout where you can select the content for individual users, departments, or companies.
  • Personalized “Exit” pages.
  • Multi-language support, allowing your organization to customize the interface by adding additional languages.

Features such as these can turn your team’s daily working environment around, making your helpdesk software intuitive, proactive, and tailored to your needs – and helping you to work smarter, not harder!


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