“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Peter Drucker famously wrote and he’s right. The thing is, while this is a quote that stands the test of time, the world of business has moved on considerably in the fifteen years since he said it.  

Of course, the adage is that no matter how strong your strategic planning is, its efficacy will be held back by members of your team if they don’t share the culture.  

With technology being so pivotal to the success of businesses however, it doesn’t really matter how amazing your culture or even your strategy is, without the right IT tools to support your teams and that allow them to drive efficiencies, sales and propel your business forward. 

Generally, in business, you could say that there are three types of support. Firstly, customer care teams look after the customers, very often these days using technology to do it efficiently and in the way we’ve all come to expect. Secondly, internal IT teams support the company’s IT hardware and software assets, which are of course essential for that high level of customer service to take place, as well as for the company to function and grow. But who or what helps your IT teams to be proactive and ready to ensure that these things can happen?  

Enter NetSupport DNA! 

How does NetSupport DNA go the extra mile to support busy IT teams? 

With lots of helpful automated features, NetSupport DNA has the power to transform how your IT Support teams make sure you’re running at full capacity each and every day. 

From Agent-led device discovery to simple software distribution and updates, with its ease of installation, discovering devices quickly and easily, you’ll be up and running in no time.  

We designed NetSupport DNA to be intuitive and easy to use, so with its easy-to-view dashboard you can see in a glimpse how many PCs have been activated that week, how many programs have been installed and how many system alerts have been generated. With NetSupport DNA’s real-time monitoring, you’ll never have to worry about anything being out of date.  

Add to this our proactive auto-discovery of new devices, your IT Support teams will have all they need at their fingertips to provide the high level of support that your business demands. Additionally, working alongside Auto-Discovery, you can set up NetSupport DNA to automatically identify SNMP-enabled devices on your network such as routers, switches and printers, which further increases the visibility of your hardware across your IT estate.  

How else can NetSupport DNA help? 

In such a highly competitive world, it’s incumbent upon us to get the right ROI on all our investments. NetSupport DNA can help with this by helping you understand the utilization of your hardware and software right across your organization. So, if you’re looking to justify a new technology spend or just looking to save money on under-utilized tools, NetSupport DNA can help, particularly through the extensive reporting features built right into our multi-award-winning solution.  

Reporting in NetSupport DNA has never been easier and thank goodness as who likes writing reports? With its custom query interface, you can simply drag and drop to build your reports, ably supported by conditional and sum-based features which means you can build your reports in moments.  


Discover the many ways that NetSupport DNA can help your IT team, right here.