We’ve all been there – if your desk is in a mess and your desktop is too, then finding things can be a nightmare. It can even start to get stressful. But if you have a well-defined system and you know that what you’re looking for has a logical file name and is in the correct folder, then it’s happy days!

Keeping things shipshape

Being organized where business IT is concerned is just as beneficial. But being efficient here has additional advantages and, according to IT industry analyst, Gartner, organizations can save up to 30 percent on software licenses through effective management. That’s a saving worth having! So, what other benefits can simplifying your organization’s devices and solutions bring?

Optimizing your business practices and processes with technology, even if it’s just small steps at a time, can help to edge you towards greater productivity.

Let’s talk about company IT as a whole. The greater the number of hardware and software tools an organization has, the more difficult it is for the IT team to keep track of each one’s status; whether it’s in regular use, needs updating, or is lost from the network – you get the idea.

Regularly reviewing company-wide solutions and device use can be a good thing. Not just to enable technicians to see more clearly what IT assets the company has and where they are, but also, in these troubled times, to keep a closer eye on them from a security point of view. After all, there’s no point running two similar solutions and then, over time, staff favoring one – essentially, leaving the other one un-updated and a security risk on the network.

How NetSupport DNA can help

Trimming away the tech and tools you no longer use will help you ensure your company network is a more efficient and secure environment.

For example, remember that cost-saving that Gartner mentioned? The software inventory, licensing, and application metering tools within NetSupport DNA allow your IT team to drill down on software use – whether you’re in a single building or multiple locations across the globe – so you can see where staff are using licenses regularly. And, where they are being left unused, you can redeploy them to the people who need them instead of buying more. It can also reveal where tools are no longer needed or used, enabling technicians to ensure all redundant licenses are removed and potential security loops are closed.

Clever applications of technology can mean that your company can streamline processes and become more efficient. For example, automating tasks or even parts of tasks can reduce the time spent on them – and the use of proactive alerting tools can give IT teams a heads up on an issue that hasn’t even occurred yet, allowing them to fix things before it becomes problematical.

Understanding how the devices and software in your company are used can help you to support better workflows and greater productivity. You just need to know where to start – and NetSupport DNA can tell you!

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