With the pandemic abruptly shifting the way we live our lives, there’s no doubt that the swift transformation has caused an impact on mental health and wellbeing.  

For the past two years, students and teachers have had to take on the uncharted task of navigating remote learning, which resulted in many being physically distanced and feeling disconnected – not to mention experiencing the added stress of finding an effective solution to support everyone in a pinch. 

Now that we’ve had time to catch up and adjust to the changes, it’s clear that a well-thought-out digital strategy should include wellbeing support for staff as well as students. In the article, Nele Morrison, the technology director at Pittsburg Independent School District in Texas, provided the author, NetSupport’s CEO, Al Kingsley, with insights into how they managed to successfully get through the pandemic. 

Discover more by reading the full article published on eSchool News, ‘Don’t forget social, emotional health for district IT staff’.