Find out what Al Kingsley said about fair and equitable access to digital innovation… 

The Educator Magazine UK recently published the article, ‘How to ensure fair and equitable access to digital innovation’. In this article, our CEO, Al Kingsley discusses the important role that edtech has played over the last two years while examining the significance of the Government’s pledge to improve access to technology within schools.

Using effective edtech platforms can do more than just help with teaching and learning but can also better prepare children for the digitized future ahead. Discussing the importance of digital equity, Al mentions:

“In the digitized modern age, access to technology and internet is not just an advantage but a necessity. A lack of digital access does not just impact a person’s education but their ability to participate economically, to advance within their careers and to communicate or socialize. Investment in reliable and universal broadband connection is a vital first step in addressing issues of access but there is more work to be done.”

Find out more of what Al had to say by reading the full article below.