What happened to getting ‘back to normal’ after the pandemic? It seems that the world has turned upside down – with the cost-of-living crunch, supply chain troubles and economic knock-on effects from the war in Ukraine all presenting challenges to businesses across the board. 

Every company is focused on value for money right now and watching how your business spends its cash is just as important as tracking how it comes in. So, for those of you already using our ITAM solution, NetSupport DNA, we have four quick tips to help you keep an eye on exactly these kinds of things: 

  1. Make informed decisions: You can’t make decisions without having all the information to hand. NetSupport DNA supports up to 10,000 devices and it allows you to see information about a single device, department or bespoke group in your company via its software and hardware inventories. You can identify which PCs are upgradable, which ones are due for replacement and which ones you could deploy more efficiently elsewhere – all helping to avoid unnecessary spending from your budget. 
  2. Efficiency View: The Efficiency View dashboard helps you to see at a glance if your technology is being used efficiently. It shows you key data (i.e., how many PCs are left on out of hours, the number of unused PCs, those with the lowest spec/disk space, and more) and informs you where improved efficiency can create cost and time-saving benefits. You even can save and export the data as a report, giving you the evidence to prove your case to make improvements.
  3. Save money on software licensing costs: NetSupport DNA keeps track of your installed licenses, helping you to reduce unnecessary spending on the ones that aren’t needed, plus avoid potential fines for using more than you own. It also highlights software that has no or low usage, enabling you to avoid costly renewals. To help you track your software spending, NetSupport DNA can also record all the ‘extras’ associated with software management, e.g., supplier details, invoice details and contract renewal dates. This means you have all the information to hand when you’re making active and considered decisions on renewals.
  4. Monitor application use: Monitoring applications ensures software licenses are assigned to the right staff based on their usage level. It highlights who is using applications, programs and even store apps, more than others, allowing you to either reallocate applications to where they are needed or restrict use to specific devices and save additional license spend or maintenance renewals on under-used applications.

If your organization is currently looking for a full-featured ITAM solution that flexes and scales with you, check out NetSupport DNA today!