NetSupport DNA has been a Network Manager’s favored tool to support their day-to-day work for many years.  

That said, if you’re new to NetSupport DNA, we thought you’d love to hear five of our top tips to remember when using NetSupport DNA, so here we go: 

#1 – Use the profiles that come with DNA to help you get set up 

Using NetSupport DNA Profiles to assign different configurations\settings is a useful way to configure profiles that allow you to be flexible in the options assigned to each user or profile group. So whether that’s a year intake or department in a school, or a department area within your organisation, you can hit the ground running with the profiles provided.  

#2 – Use NetSupport DNA’s Power Management tool to help save those costly energy bills 

Using the Energy Monitoring tool in NetSupport DNA you can set on and off times for the machines your NetSupport DNA console is connected to through your agents. Learn how to do it here and start saving right away! 

#3 – Ensure compliance with technology devices by using the built in AUP tool 

Using its built-in Acceptable Use Policy tool, you can ensure that all users must confirm agreement to before being allowed to login and use a device. To learn how to set this up check out or NetSupport DNA Manual 

#4 – Save time by creating your own custom queries 

Custom queries can be created and scheduled to run at chosen times with the subsequent reports then being emailed to your chosen recipients. This saves you time and gives the right people the right information that they need at the right time, without you having to do anything other than setting up the queries! Learn how to do this here.   

#5 – Download the NetSupport DNA mobile app 

By installing the NetSupport DNA mobile app you’ll be able to keep yourself informed of everything happening on your IT estate, even when you can’t be at your desk. You can access the Android version here and the iOS version here 

Of course, there are many more time and money saving features built in to NetSupport DNA, but these should help get you started. And of course, if you get stuck and would like a helping hand, please do reach out to our fantastic team who will be very happy to help!  

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