The first Wednesday in November each year is known as National Stress Awareness Day. Founded by the International Stress Management Association, this day is meant to highlight the importance of managing stress in all aspects of life to support good mental health and well-being.  

That fact about stress is that everyone experiences it in some form throughout their lives. So, when it comes to managing it, having a few tools in your toolbox can help tremendously. Here are some tips to help reduce daily stressors. 

  • Exercise – It’s proven, exercise helps lower stress by releasing endorphins, which makes it extremely effective in combatting daily stressors. 
  • Sleep – Getting quality sleep also has benefits in reducing stress and helping refresh and recharge your brain to be better equipped to handle stressful situations.  
  • Balance – Create a good work-life balance by ensuring clear boundaries to allow time for work and time for leisure to best take care of yourself.  
  • Talk – Chat about mental health to help overcome stressors and help create an open dialogue about issues that are challenging.  

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