As the threats against your technology continue to evolve, protecting your network, devices, and digital assets from cyber criminals has never been so critical.

Many companies look into the costs of implementing IT security and then hesitate – it’s expensive and there’s no getting away from that. However, a major disruption or a data breach can cost your company far more – not just in lost time or expense, but in reputation too. 

Protecting networks

The last thing any company wants is cyber criminals hacking into their network, getting their hands on personal data (such as customer contact lists or financial details), or holding devices and websites to ransom.

Implementing solutions that help your technicians to track, monitor, and manage what’s going on right across your network is a great start. Not only can you better ensure security when you know exactly what devices are connected, but you can also protect those endpoints. In addition, proactive alerting can also give technicians a heads-up when something unusual is happening, offering a chance to investigate before it escalates. 

Tools like these not only keep your systems safe but also increase your awareness and efficiency, saving your business time and money in the process. 

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Secure remote support

Employees need seamless access to the technology they use for their work – whether in the office, on the move, or at home. Having a high-quality, effective IT support and management solution to support your users and deal swiftly with any technical issues is essential to maintaining your company’s productivity and keeping confidential data safe. 

But it’s not only people using desktops and laptops that need tech support, items such as servers, smartphones, robots, and Windows IoT devices all need to be managed and maintained remotely too. Protecting them from unauthorized access is paramount, so it’s wise to ensure your remote support solution has plenty of safeguards on board, such as configurable data encryption options, two-factor authentication, security keys, smartcard authentication – and more.

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Using notification technology is a great idea when all staff need to be informed simultaneously and without delay. Let’s say an unauthorized person is acting suspiciously in an area of the building – sending an email or making phone calls to alert people just won’t cut it.

You can increase your company’s security by sending mass messages with NetSupport Notify. All the alerts it sends take a central position on the screen (even on locked devices and display screens around the building), so staff can see immediately if there’s an issue or an emergency. It’s a much more efficient way of keeping people informed and enabling them to take action when needed. 

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Stay smart

Whether it’s ransomware, spyware, viruses, or phishing scams, it’s wise for companies to protect themselves as much as possible. Implementing proactive high-quality solutions to help you manage and protect your technology, as well as communicate quickly and easily with staff will help keep your company operational and secure at all times. What’s not to like?!

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