The countdown to the new year is here – and we’ve compiled a list of the top education podcasts of 2022 to help you recharge for the year ahead. With a wide range of topics covering everything education, we’ve got something for everyone in the sector – catch up on trending topics in these must-see podcasts!

Top education podcasts…

Measuring edtech impact: Edtech can be very helpful, but how do you truly know the impact that edtech products have and why is it important? Find out all about that on this episode of Insights with NetSupport featuring Kristy Evers and Al Kingsley. Watch the full episode here now.

The changing landscape of assessments: Learn about the different types of assessments, their purpose, outcomes and so much more in this episode of Transformative Principal podcast with Jethro Jones, featuring our very own Al Kingsley. Listen back to the podcast here.

The future of edtech: Find out all about where edtech is going as Al Kingsley uncovers the future of education in this episode of 10-Minute Teacher Podcast – plus, learn how to measure the effectiveness of your edtech tools to determine its future use. Learn more in the podcast here.

Wellbeing and workload reduction as a network manager: When it comes to ensuring that technology runs smoothly, the unseen heroes are the network managers, technicians and IT directors. Discover tips to help manage wellbeing and reduce workload from Gary Henderson in this episode of Insights with NetSupport. Check out the entire episode here.

Top tips for Computing Leads: Discover all about the many aspects of the role of computing within education, both from secondary and primary school perspectives, in this episode of Insights with NetSupport featuring Andy Colley and Mark Anderson. Learn all about it in the episode here.  

Breaking barriers for behavior needs: Check out this episode of ‘Of Primary Importance’ with Adele Bates and Kat Cauchi to discover tips on how to engage with challenging behavior and why bridging the gap between alternative provision and mainstream schools is so important. Discover more in the episode here. 

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