Highlights of 2022…

Where did 2022 go? It’s hard to believe another year has passed and we’re now approaching the festive season once again. In the spirit of catching up with friends and family across the miles, we thought we’d bring together some highlights of the year from all of the offices in the NetSupport Group and share them with you!


First up is our CEO, Al Kingsley, who is based at NetSupport HQ in the UK and was especially pleased to see a particular project come to fruition…

“We’ve certainly packed a lot of activity into 2022! On the corporate side, our absolute highlight of the year was releasing version 14 of NetSupport Manager back in September. With companies everywhere now embracing hybrid and remote working alongside their in-office activities, the additional security and flexibility NetSupport Manager can now provide for remote control and support are invaluable, whether that’s for staff at their PCs, point-of-sale devices or factory robots – regardless of their location. We’re really proud to have a loyal user base for NetSupport Manager and are delighted to support them, along with our new customers, to adapt to the new work landscape in confidence with this release.”


All that hard work certainly paid off and the new features are having quite an impact on organizations that need to keep their data safe – right across the world. The team at NetSupport Japan agrees:

“Demands for NetSupport Manager from hospitals have increased this year as cyberattacks target hospitals across the country trying to get personal information from the electronic medical records. IT technicians can remotely use NSM to keep the systems up-to-date and secure and prevent hospitals from cyberattacks.”

It’s good to know our technology is perfectly positioned to keep important services like this safe and operational, giving customers confidence with the support it offers.


Over in Canada, NetSupport Manager is once again named as the highlight! Heather Vaters, VP of NetSupport Canada, tells us why:

“NetSupport Canada is proud to be a continued sponsor of both the Adobe Summit and MAX events for the past ten years. Our award-winning NetSupport Manager solution allows Adobe to administer machines in their hands-on lab environment.”

And with 7,500+ in-person and over 260,000 virtual attendees, this is a significant event for NetSupport Manager to support!


The new version of NetSupport Manager has gone down well in Germany too! Our team at PCIS (NetSupport Germany) reveals the reason:

“Very positive this year was the availability of the new version of NetSupport Manager 14! Many of our German-speaking customers were quick to renew again. Overall, we also received positive reviews from our customers this year regarding the performance of NetSupport Manager.


Now, let’s talk about our education solutions. Back to Al in the UK:

“On the education side, 2022 was a real high point in terms of engaging with so many education sector experts worldwide by speaking at events such as Bett and GESS. And, of course, classroom.cloud, our 3-in-one solution for instruction, online safety and IT management, has had some superb updates this year too. We were delighted to add a proactive ‘Report a concern’ tool to help students confide in trusted school staff, as well as effective power management tools to help schools save money during the cost-of-living crisis. We’re looking forward to 2023 when we’re going to be keeping the momentum going!”


classroom.cloud has certainly delivered for so many schools worldwide in terms of teaching and learning, but it’s the online safety features that can really change things sometimes. Maggie Layfield, VP of Sales, shared this comment from a school that purchased classroom.cloud just this year and has already been able to positively impact a student’s life with the online safety toolkit. The customer said:

“Just so you know, your software alerted me to a student that was looking up ways to kill oneself. I was able to connect with the student’s mother and that student is now getting the help that they need. Thank you. I’m scared to think what might have happened had I not had this program. Your company has just changed a student’s life that would have slipped through the cracks. They now know that they have a big support group.”

As Maggie comments, “Stories like this are why we do what we do!”.

Season’s Greetings

Let’s go back to Al for his final thoughts on the year…

“My biggest personal highlight of 2022, however, is the strength and resilience of all our family working at NetSupport. They are the past, present and future of our solutions and make me proud in my role every day.”


So, from all of us ‘across the miles’ at NetSupport, we wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings – and health and happiness for 2023!