Your small business is doing well. It’s growing – and that’s the kind of success every business owner is looking for! But you’re only just managing to keep on top of all your IT processes and devices… However, is there any point in investing in technology to help you do that right now if you’re going to have to review it as you expand and bring more staff and devices on board?

This is where a scalable IT asset management and support solution can help.

What does scalable mean?

A scalable IT support solution is a product that will continue to cater for your IT needs as your business grows. It offers you all the functionality you need right now – and saves some for later too!

It’s easy to add users and, as your data load increases, it will take it all in its stride. Essentially, support solutions like this can help small businesses by offering the efficiencies they need early on, so they can avoid issues like wastage, duplication of tasks, and manual tasks – setting the standard early on for lean IT management and support.

Another bonus is that it frees up the creative parts of the business to keep innovation going without requiring regular reviews of whether your support solution is still delivering. Whether your user base grows organically or you merge with or buy out other small companies, if your IT management solution is scalable, you’ll be able to accommodate either a steady or a sudden uplift in user and device numbers.

More benefits!

  1. Maintain performance. Think of your scalable support solution like inflating a balloon; it will accommodate all you can put into it until it reaches its limit (NetSupport’s answer to this has a pretty big limit – see below!). And it will maintain its reliability and performance as it does so because it’s been tested to do just that.
  2. Flexibility. To help you respond to your customers’ needs, you can add more users only as you need to, which keeps your business…
  3. Cost-effective. By keeping track of the tech your company runs on, you can avoid major disasters or being caught out by surprise IT failures. A solution with proactive alerting, for example, can send up a flag for your IT technicians in the early stages of things going wrong, instead of it only being noticed when a disaster has happened.

About NetSupport DNA…NetSupport DNA news image

Giving your company plenty of scope by being fully scalable up to 10,000 devices, NetSupport DNA means your technicians can run hardware inventory or software licence reports for a single device, department or bespoke group in your organisation and see all the information they need quickly and easily.

All of your asset data remains completely under your control, safely within your company. You install the server and database components locally to ensure all of your corporate and staff data remains contained within your secure network.

And with a shedload of innovative IT management, tracking and monitoring tools just a click away, NetSupport DNA is the ideal solution to keep your company’s IT assets in tip-top condition and operational.