In the new version of our on-premise classroom management solution, NetSupport School, its 9 million+ users will enjoy a brand-new user interface, features and enhancements to help maximise lesson time, boost student engagement, capture wellbeing, reduce energy costs and support learning outcomes! 

Discover just some of the latest features and enhancements in version 15… 

New user interface 

A brand-new user interface makes it even easier to find and use all of NetSupport School’s award-winning classroom management features. Co-produced directly with schools, its intuitive layout in a ribbon bar format at the top makes completing tasks quicker without getting buried in extra unnecessary steps.  

Keep students on task

No matter how many monitors students are using, teachers can switch between each one or view the whole desktop – handy for ensuring students are fully on task. And in addition to already being able to blank all students’ screens, teachers can now blank an individual screen. 

And when a teacher sends a message to students, the URLs within them are now clickable, which makes it even easier for teachers to point students in the right direction. Plus, all chat sessions between the teacher and student are automatically logged and stored, which is perfect for supporting evidencing requirements. Within Feedback mode, more icons have been added for students to select, helping them to better represent their wellbeing/topic understanding. 

Plus, coming soon, as well as launching a website or application, soon teachers can launch an associated file such as a PowerPoint or Word document – handy for getting the entire class working on the right document at the same time. 

Reduce energy costs

In addition to Power on/off and Log in/out all classroom computers, teachers can also power off student PCs that are not logged on – ideal to help reduce costs on unused devices.  

Test and assess   

In NetSupport School’s Testing tool, a new question format has been added, called ‘Highlight text.’ Teachers can create a question and highlight the correct text in a statement. The student must highlight the correct section of text to qualify as a correct answer – which is useful for providing more challenging ways to assess their understanding. Two fake (incorrect) answers can also be added to the draganddrop question type, so students have to identify the correct answer before dragging it into the statement. Teachers can also reward students with new animated stickers that will appear on the student’s toolbar, and can also be added to the student journal. 

Distribute and collect work 

In addition to sending files to students, teachers can also collect their files and also send folders/subfolders to them, saving precious moments of everyone’s time!  

Updated Tech Console 

The Technicians’ Console now features a new user interface and uses a ribbon bar to make it simple to locate the features they need. It includes a new ‘Quick search’ function to help IT teams find students and teachers by user name, machine name, IP address, running application or website, for example – making it even quicker to provide support.  

Further enhancements include the ability to stop the Client32 service from running, and being able to end the connection from a teacher’s console. In the reports section, the client version number is included, making it easier to see what version of NetSupport School is running on students’ PCs.  

Meanwhile, more enhancements have been added to the Connectivity Server and even more Tutor Console settings are now available to configure via a Group Policy.