Discover how an ITAM solution can help your organisation!

‘Will it be worth it?’ is one of the questions company managers ask themselves when considering a significant spend on new technology.

The consistent challenge for every IT manager is to do more with less – and generate more value from an ever-shrinking budget allocation in the process. But with a significant chunk of IT budgets being spent on simply keeping existing systems running, this is a huge challenge – and with IT departments running with minimal staff who are all short on time, a complete review of an organisation’s systems and assets is often a task that would be good to do but often gets put off due to other priorities.

Implementing new software and systems always feels risky, but by doing the proper groundwork beforehand and researching things in depth, companies can ensure that the money they spend will not be wasted – and in fact, it can even deliver savings.

How do we track it?

For organisations thinking about implementing an IT Asset Management solution to manage their devices and networks, having an idea of where it could have an impact is key to being able to monitor the ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenarios.

A unified ITAM solution that provides a central view of an organisation’s IT assets, tools to maintain them and works proactively can make a huge difference to both costs and efficiency.

Here are the areas where an ITAM solution can deliver for your business…

  1. Better management of unused software licences – allowing you to redeploy them to where they are needed instead of buying additional ones.
  2. Manages automatic renewal costs – preventing unwanted renewals from happening automatically.
  3. Tracks lease and maintenance agreement details (e.g., expiry/termination dates and costs) – to avoid accidental overspending.
  4. Redeploys under-used hardware and software (revealed by usage reports) – avoids more overspending on things you don’t need.
  5. Minimises the requirement for on-site support – saving the cost of sending staff to different locations.
  6. Informs migration decisions (from the benefit of inventory/history data) – preventing disruption to staff time and productivity.
  7. Manages your asset lifecycle program – helping you to plan and budget accordingly.
  8. Helps you control energy use with power management tools – for utility bill savings.
  9. Shows you where print costs mount up – and where you can clamp down.
  10. Increases security and avoids associated downtime with the financial impact that can bring – a saving in disguise!

Take a look at NetSupport DNA

NetSupport DNA is an IT Asset Management solution for small to medium businesses that is flexible and scalable at the same time.

A wealth of automation, proactive alerting, reporting and monitoring tools, alongside comprehensive hardware/software inventories, device discovery, a handy software distribution module and more, mean that organisations can maximise their technology, identify cost savings and increase their productivity.

And with ways to track, monitor and manage your IT assets and endpoints, plus maximise efficiency and ROI with proactive and automated tools all from one comprehensive toolbox, NetSupport DNA could make a real difference in your organisation.