Effective communication is an essential key in any healthcare setting to ensure the best outcomes for their patients. That’s especially true for the IT team at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  

Chris Thomas, Infrastructure Manager at Mid Cheshire, shares insights into the benefits a mass notification solution provides. Read all about it in this article where he details exactly how and why it is one of the crucial pieces to their organisation.

3 ways healthcare settings benefit from mass notification tools: 

  • Send notifications across a wide range of devices and digital signage  
  • Inform staff of routine maintenance and system updates 
  • Improve emergency preparedness and lockdown procedures 
“Mass notification systems, available in many forms, are a readily available tool to help you create clear lines of communication in a care setting. By streamlining the transmission of key messages, you can alleviate pressures on your colleagues at all levels, ultimately allowing you to deliver the best care outcomes to clients and patients.” 

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