As corporate environments become increasingly technology-heavy, no company wants to leave itself vulnerable to risks or non-compliance issues.

Reducing risks

Aside from financial and operational issues, areas such as unregulated internet use by staff may see network bandwidth compromised by unauthorized downloads, malware introduced to the system or productivity time may be lost when a network problem suddenly occurs.

Instead of reacting to problems once they happen, small organizations with fewer IT staff can benefit from a proactive solution that they can configure to deliver customized alerts when changes, errors or warnings occur – either system-wide or on individual devices. Alerting in this way allows technicians the time to take preventative action to avoid any problems impacting productivity rather than dealing with a “surprise” technical crisis. This saves the organization both time and money.

Ensuring compliance

Software Asset Management is a vast area and there are many solutions on the market dedicated solely to it.

A software licensing/management component incorporated into your ITAM solution can shift your software management up a gear. For SMEs, making sure their software portfolio is in order not only provides peace of mind should a dreaded vendor audit take place, but keeping a tight rein on licensing can also help to save costs:

  • It ensures enterprises take full advantage of the product use rights set out in their contracts (and avoid wastage by paying for unused features).
  • It reduces overspending on licenses that are not needed (and saves money by redeploying them).
  • It eliminates maintenance payments on unused applications.
  • It reduces security risks from malware entering systems through unlicensed software installs and avoids costly downtime.

Stress-free records

In some ITAM solutions, you can store documentation recording suppliers, purchase and invoice details, department or cost center allocation, maintenance contract renewal dates and other supporting information alongside your license details. This simplifies ongoing license management and frees up time for employees to dedicate to more useful tasks.

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