Over the last five years, technology and working practices have changed drastically.

Businesses have had to adapt quickly in terms of cybersecurity, especially with hybrid and remote working being the ‘new normal’ – and now that AI is in general use, cybersecurity risks are evolving by the second.

Traditionally, businesses have mainly focused on preventing such threats but knowing how to detect and respond to them is equally as important. Cyber criminals’ methods are becoming more advanced, so a simple focus on prevention could leave vulnerabilities in your systems exposed.

Awareness and preparation are key weapons in the fight to keep your company technology secure – and, alongside IT maintenance solutions that offer top-notch security throughout, companies can keep their networks safe while facilitating in-house, hybrid and remote working.

Your cybersecurity strategy

Your company will already have a cybersecurity strategy – but is it up to date? If you last reviewed it before 30th November 2022 when Chat GPT was first released, revisiting it at the earliest opportunity is wise! With the potential for hackers to use ChatGPT (other solutions are available) to navigate even the most complex cybersecurity measures, AI is certainly something company leaders should follow closely.

Cybersecurity strategies will differ according to your business context; there is no blueprint that fits everyone. However, these are the fundamental considerations for any business, regardless of size:

  • Understand your core systems: their construction, how flexible and secure they are and where you can improve them.
  • Understand the setup for employees to work in-office, hybrid or remotely – and where any security vulnerabilities are.
  • Evaluate the risks, identify the gaps and implement solutions to plug them.
  • Involve stakeholders from all levels in your cybersecurity review – this could bring to light previously unknown problems and provide a new direction for better future security.
  • Communicate and promote the new strategy across the company, ensuring everyone knows they have a vital part to play.
  • Back it up with training, so everyone has a stake in the company’s cybersecurity success.

Introducing NetSupport Manager 

With workforces now dispersed across hybrid work environments, having the technology to allow employees to operate effectively while staying secure is key for every company.

NetSupport Manager has long been recognised as one of the most secure remote control solutions available. Its two-factor authentication, SSL/TLS certificates, activity logs, user acknowledgement, 256-bit encryption, smartcard support, AD integration (and much more) help businesses keep their systems safe and operating securely – so much so, that it’s the choice of military and financial institutions across the world.