We’re back with another brilliant episode of Insights with NetSupport! Discover top tips and insights from industry leaders and experts across the globe discussing a range of trending topics in education. 

Inside this episode with Jim Love 

In this episode, we are joined by Jim Love, who is the CIO and Chief Digital Officer of IT World Canada (Canada’s leader in ICT publishing and digital marketing). He’s also the host of Hashtag Trending, a daily news podcast focusing on business and technology, and author of Digital Transformation in the First Person.  

Watch this episode now to hear all about ‘Are skills and qualifications really needed?’ Take a sneak peek at the questions we discussed:  

  1. What are your thoughts about companies that have eliminated or reduced the emphasis on needing a 4-year college degree to apply for a mid-level or a high-skill job? Here’s an article on that topic.  
  2. What do you think might be lost by not pursuing a four-year college degree?  
  3. What do you think can be gained by not pursuing a four-year college degree?  
  4. I think it is an interesting shift in our mindset these days. It feels to me like – whereas 12 months ago it seemed like the average person was afraid of AI taking over the world – since ChatGPT burst onto the scene, it feels like that fear has faded. Do you sense that same shift happening?  
  5. Do you find that your readership and perhaps your contributors and reporters have a sense for how IT and technology jobs might change now that LLM are accessible?  
  6. Most of our listeners are in education. What do you think that teachers and administrators should be working towards given some of these changes we have discussed today? 

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