Diving into the history and future of CPD…

We are excited to share another amazing episode of Insights with NetSupportIn this series, we explore top tips and insights from industry experts and leaders about a wide range of topics.   

Inside this episode with David Weston…  

In this episode, we are delighted to be joined David Weston, founder and Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, Chair Department for Education’s Teachers’ Professional Development Expert Group group, author, campaigner and speaker. 

With 10 years at the chalkface and having been running the Teacher Development Trust exploring exactly what effective teacher CPD looks like for more than 11 years, David’s insights are helpful for any teacher or school leader looking to know exactly what effective CPD looks like.

Watch this episode to hear the importance of CPD in education as David shares insider knowledge and valuable tips for supporting teacher development. See a sneak peek into the questions we discussed with David: 

  1. In terms of teacher CPD – what does the current landscape look like?
  2. Can you tell us about the Teacher Development Trust?
  3. What tools are you developing to support teacher development?
  4. What are the secrets to effective teacher CPD?
  5. How can leadership improve teaching?

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