Insights to help avoid Black Friday scams…

Black Friday is just around the corner. This year, it falls on Friday, November 24th, although many retailers will stretch it out much further than that. For some, it’s almost Black Friday month!

It’s a time of year when everyone is up for bagging a bargain ahead of the holidays – after all, why spend more on gifts than you need to?

Risks for consumers

Consumers aren’t the only ones who enjoy Black Friday. Cybercriminals and scammers love this time of year. There are a multitude of scams to trick people with, including purchase fraud (paying for something that doesn’t exist), parcel delivery fraud (when scammers try to reschedule deliveries or issue false tracking information for items that never arrive) and data fraud (where they ask people to pay additional delivery fees in an attempt to gain access to their bank details).

Risks for businesses

While there’s a frenzy of buying activity going on, behind the scenes, businesses have their work cut out to keep the supply chain moving to meet the increased demand. Inevitably, with all the extra activity, cybersecurity can get pushed down the pile somewhat – and that’s just what the cybercriminals are betting on.

Getting ahead of the game is the key and strengthening your company’s networks and device security ahead of the silly season can stand you in good stead. A denial-of-service attack is the last thing you need when you’d much rather be making a profit than paying a ransom.

Be cyber savvy

Ensuring the software on all your systems and devices is up to date with the latest security patches will make it harder for cybercriminals to access them – and implementing measures like 2FA helps to keep information safer.

Having a comprehensive support solution to manage all of your company devices remotely is a cost-effective way to future-proof your organization. It’s far cheaper to be prepared than to deal with the damage caused by a cybersecurity incident, which can damage a company’s reputation and result in financial losses, especially at peak purchasing periods.

Get prepped with NetSupport Manager

As far as remote control solutions go, NetSupport Manager is at the top of its game. It’s been developed over 33 years and is recognized for its quality, reliability and security. PC Pro’s recent review of NetSupport Manager even described it as:

“The perfect on-premises support solution with a wealth of valuable features and simple licensing.”

On security, the facts speak for themselves. NetSupport Manager is used by high-profile organizations with security at their core, such as military, government, and financial institutions.

Offering the latest in remote access, its features make remote support simple and flexible, which is perfect for IT teams needing to manage company PCs, servers, smartphones, robots and unattended devices – even at the busiest times of the year!