Financial security means different things to different people. For some, it’s about having enough money to cater for all their basic needs: housing, food, healthcare, and saving for the future. For others, it’s more about wealth management and creating more returns from their existing assets.

International Day of Banks

Good financial practices can help individuals, communities, and countries to develop. Founded by the United Nations, the International Day of Banks is recognized worldwide each year on 4th December in support of their role in providing people with a means to keep their money secure – as well as wider activity contributing towards the international community’s sustainable development goals.

To this end, banking technology needs to be secure – especially their networks. The last thing any financial institution needs is cybercriminals hacking in and getting their hands on sensitive data (such as customer personal and financial details) or holding devices and websites for ransom.

Managing IT assets

Implementing solutions that help banks to track, monitor, and manage what’s going on right across their networks is essential these days, when cyber threats are evolving at an alarming rate. Not only can they better ensure security when they know exactly what devices are connected to their networks, but they can also protect those endpoints. In addition, proactive alerting can also give technicians a heads-up when something unusual is happening, offering technicians a chance to investigate before things reach crisis stage.

Secure remote support

Keeping data secure within banks’ network boundaries makes sense – and using an on-premises solution is a given. But unattended devices like cash machines must also be managed and maintained securely. Protecting them from unauthorized access is vital, so using a remote support solution with plenty of safeguards on board – configurable data encryption options, two-factor authentication, security keys and smartcard authentication, and more – helps keep cybercriminals out of these essential systems.

Helping banks to operate securely

Implementing proactive high-quality solutions help all organizations to manage and protect their technology, ensuring they can remain operational and secure at all times.

NetSupport Manager has long been recognized as one of the most secure solutions available for remote support. Its two-factor authentication, SSL/TLS certificates, activity logs, user acknowledgement, 256-bit encryption, smartcard support, AD integration (and much more) help financial institutions to keep their systems safe and operating securely.

Alongside this, IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA, works proactively to help organizations be as efficient as possible. Its proactive alerting and automated tools help keep networks, data, IT assets, and endpoints protected against cybercriminals – and much more.

Find out how these two solutions can bring their benefits to the banking sector in our dedicated whitepaper!