There’s no better way to find out about a software solution you haven’t used before than to hear from those who have. Learning about its everyday work in different environments and hearing about its challenges and successes help to form a picture of what you could expect if you chose the solution for your business. And, let’s be honest, we all need as much information as possible when considering a significant spend on company software!

SoftwareReviews is a division of the Info-Tech Research Group and its reports can help businesses currently looking at ITAM solutions. Info-Tech gathers customer feedback from users of various solutions and provides ratings-based reports on each product. The reports also include customer reviews and comments, giving readers lots of useful insights into what they can expect.

Round of applause for NetSupport DNA

Recently, the NetSupport team was delighted to learn that NetSupport DNA’s SoftwareReview report revealed some high scores, with 90% of respondents saying they would recommend it and 100% saying they plan to renew!

NetSupport DNA also scored highly in the Net Emotional Footprint measure. This rating considers the emotional response ratings for different parts of the vendor-client relationship and product effectiveness and, combined, these reveal the overall user feeling toward the vendor and product. We were delighted to find that our customers rated it:

  • 98% for product experience
  • 95% for service experience
  • 95% for negotiation and contract
  • 97% for strategy and innovation

Hearing customers’ words provides many clues as to how a solution could work in your business – plus, it reassures us, as the developer, that we are on the right path! NetSupport DNA’s feedback includes comments such as:

“Easy to use. Many features for the price.”

“Fantastic product to use”

“Excellent service and product”

So, if your company is looking for an ITAM solution right now, check out NetSupport DNA’s SoftwareReview report and see how other users view it!