Read all about how NetSupport Notify can improve communication in hospitals!

Communication is key and the same is true in healthcare as well! Check out this article to discover why the Intercommunal Hospital Centre (CHI) of Aix-Pertuis relies on our mass notification solution, NetSupport Notify, to help improve communication and keep things running smoothly throughout the hospital with the software installed on 2,200 workstations.

Here’s what its Chief Information Security Officer, Pascal Sabatier, has to say: “Many messages go unnoticed, so when the event happens, nobody is aware and everyone calls the tech support team to find out what’s going on!”

Having an alerting and notification solution in place helps ensure messages are not ignored. Plus, requiring each user to acknowledge the message ensures that everyone is informed and cannot claim they missed the message.

Find out how a mass notification solution can help hospitals improve communication and enhance response time from the IT team. Take a closer look at our solution to see how we can help your company by giving our mass notification solution a try for free for 30 days!